Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chateau d' Arusu

Miss Arusu asked me to build some nice building. Something, like the Taj Mahal in RL, but not the same. She gave me 5000 prims limit to the building and the basic furniture. As i started the construction, she asked me one little thing: a sculpture of an angel... like a little putto with horn.

I used for the whole structure around 2000 prims, including the really prim-eater stairways on the front and the rear side. I used also a prim fences, normal prims for the base levels on the 100x100m footprint and a detailed roof decoration. There were used only 64x64 pixel sculptmaps, and 512x512, 256x256 textures for the optimal load of the huge building.

The construction is really.. big. The footprint is ratherly imposant with the 10000qm, the lobby hight is 20m, just exactly like the first floor, where a small exchibition hall located. (small... 60x60x20m) In the attic located the bar with dance places and a soft steampunk-pseudo planetarium with animated copper balls, gears and mechanism.

I also added some physical elevators -Arusu asked for them- in the side towers and from the first floor to the second one. I hope lot of people will have fun in this nice building, and have a good business in the mall area.
Thanks for the great idea, and the correct cooperation to Arusu Apfelbaum, chiko Reina, bark Aabye and Shoji Kumaki.

More pictures HERE.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Magic Of Oz

The Emerald City

It has been a long month for us and while we are sitting in a tent in the dust filled desert camp preparing for the Burning Life festival I'm taking the chance to grab Jenne's camera, extract the photos that she took and write a nice post about the latest project that she had done for the MOO group.

While I have been preoccupied with the building of the motorcycle track and various minor projects, Jenne has started a project for Malkavyn Eldritch and Candy Cerveau. Their request was the creation of an Oz-themed sim and they thought she would be the best for the work.

The Magic of Oz is a wonderful sim, with 3 major parts: the Witch's castle, the Munchkin village and the Emerald City. Jenne used sculpties that are not just beautiful but also load fast, so if you are in a mood for taking photos the whole area looks superb, but it is NOT lagging like hell. (Or should I mention a few overly hyped sims..?)

As for the business-side: the sim will host events and offer shops for rent, but spots are taken rapidly, so IM Malkavyn Eldritch while you can.|

The Magic of Oz will open 3rd October, but we give you a sneak preview HERE , also we wish Malk and Candy good luck and we hope this place will last for a very very long time.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oldtimer Motorcycle race

All the engines cranked up... the smoke from the exhaust pipes filled the air with the smell of gas, and the nerves lost their patience at once... the race started.

The international race started with a crash in the first corner. SteelCobra Calamari from the United States took the lead ahead of the Russian rider, Roman Brandenburg, as the others lost time somewhere in the first and second turn. Lord Lisle was on the third plac
e with his friend in the sidecar, she helped him to keep an eye on the other riders. At the start the Hungarian rider from Slovakia, Calhoun Hock dropped to the the last place as he crashed into the pit and spent some time recovering.

With a hard work he fought back to the second place behind the Russian rider, as Steel crashed from the first place. Calhoun finally, in the last lap could take the lead and finished just a few second ahead of Roman. On the third place Lord Lisle finished with his passenger.

The race was fun. All the riders wore some strange outfit, to harmonize with the oldtimer bikes, and the atmosphere of the old fashioned track. The track is still in the air at the SOL Solution Island, and feel free to ride our oldtimer motorbike there.

We are planning more races in the future even at different venues. We'll see, maybe more riders... will add more fun! :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

3088 the sim from the future

There is a new project again. This is a bit bigger, as the Babbage wall building, and completly different style. Actually, it's a futuristic utopia, how the world will appearing in the future. There are many common parts of the city: the chinatown, the abandoned old factory, ruined nuclear power station with fighting arena, and in the "good" part of the city library, shops, rentals, police station, spaceship landing station, downtown area, and so on.

Maybe the different is the style they are built. Used a lot of light/shadow effects, neon, glow and particle lighting to make the sim more living. There are the usually fine sculpts with their baked textures, used by many way to make the world a bot more round and organic (and keep the primcount low), not just the usually boxes with 2D flat dimensions.

Spent a lot of time just "walking" in the city, checked all the time during the building the atmosphere of the place. There was an important condition to keep the land as realistic as possible to move around with the avatar. Lot of stairways, ramps and secret paths connect the different locations together.

So, if you are interested, how a Mechanical Toy Factory produce futuristic items (llike the Cyberglass) check the 3088 RPG sim someday, Sahar Irata will be happy for sure, if you will join to her RPG team, if you would like to live there in the "future".

Friday, March 14, 2008

Babbage City wall build

The brand new sim in Babbage was planned to split in two pieces with a whole sim long wall. The building tooks 2 weeks long, including all items and textures. The wall is ready (256m long, 15m wide, 30m high 6 towers and a huge main gateincluded, all this only 423 prims!!! /with all environment, electric generators, barrels, boxes, etc. still under 800).

The Wall and pillars texturised with unique, shadow baked/imitated textures. There are a lot of sculpt parts in the building, but used only ca. 20-25 maps for quick download. The deffense wall has some towers, and a small tunell inside, there is possible to walk all way long inside the thick wall.

The mechanical soldiers are based on the ~JD~ MTF Automaton, but have 50% changed parts: Chest, lower arms, lower legs and hat, this reducing prims, and makes easier script them to move. A deffense gun was added to the soldier, and the prim count, including the toy-soldier and his gun is exaclty 25.

There is a fine thunder particle in the tesla guns, and in the electric generators. The texture was made by me, but the particle itself was made with the help of my favourite particle generator. (Zeta's particle generator, its pretty cheap -well, at least not 3000 L$- and has excellent extras (zeta ball) and a super tutorial video on youtube.)

If you would like to see it inworld, check it here.
(more pictures here)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Shooting Gallery from the early last Century

This is the new shoothing game from ~JD~ MTF. It's simple (shoot with click, and hit the targets), beautiful (we used authentic images, made them a bit rough to show the ravages of time on them), and funny (at least most of the users told me this).

The unique high quality flintlock gun - made of fine sculpts and textures - is the only weapon that can affect the targets, please do not try any nuke, napalm or handgranade. As it's toy, so it shoots a cork bullet with a moderate push (ineffective against avatars).

The game has a high score table that has the current best shooters list with points. However, this board gives the rules and a free Flintlock gun for the players (click on it!), and it holds the prizes. Yes, prizes can be win in the game! At least, if the owner of the Gallery fills it up. (At ~JD~ MTF you can win several valuable prizes from the ~JD~ collection)

What more to say? Come, and try it here! Or see some photos from the game here. (You can see how Mandy shoots. *Giggles*)

If you are a shop owner and want to keep people at your shop to increase your traffic, buy the Shooting Gallery, it's more funny and effective than Lucky Chairs or any other camping systems for bots. You can buy it inworld at my shop here, or on SLExchange.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Trolley project in Steeltopia

The Trolley was ordered by Mr. SteelCobra Calamari, owner and govenor of the Steeltopia world. Main goal was an one line track with two common trolley - two separated lines at main station - and a driveable service car in fine Art Nouveau-Steampunk style.

First we started some research with sculpt and phisical trolley, but the result wasn't the best. The old HAVOK engine is not enough for this. The next experiment was about smoothing the movement of nonphys vehicle. The prim limit was about 30 prim, the owner wanted to keep low prim as possible.
After one week the system was ready, and almost all primworks and unique textures too. Laying track, and put on the Trolleys took another day, and some more for the service car.

The common Trolley is driven by an Automaton, who inform about next station, and the stop and start of the trolley.

Well, the Trolley still runs, anyone may travell on the line in Steeltopia, or check the mini model in our factory at SOL Solution Island.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Once upon a time in Erehwon

The first whole sim project was to build the Syberia game tribute world in Erehwon. A huge railway station, factory and music hall were the base of the architectures. Numerous small shop and relaxation places were built too.

Unfortunatly the management was collapsed after divorce of the owners, and the sim was sold. The new owner changed the sim to flat desert combat area. All builidings were removed.

Fortunatly, the ~JD~ MTF main shop is now up to the sky, on much more beautiful and wonderful place in SOL Solution island. The Railway station will be located in the future on the new rental Sim of Steeltopia, and the huge Factory is free for lease. (For more info about leasing, visit the main shop in SOL.)

Info about buildings:

5000qm (40m high) 1500prim the Old Factory,
3000qm 1000prim the Railway station,
2000qm 450 prim the Music hall and
the ~JD~ MTF main building 1500qm, 380 prim.

See the buildings on the pictures in the gallery.

Friday, February 1, 2008

About ~JD~ MTF in Second Life

We create the most beautiful mechanical clockwork engined robots in Second Life. Steampunk and Art Nouveau designs in buildings, clothing and accessories.

Our scripted, high detailed works presents the top of SL possibilities. The ~JD~ MTF can be hired to build anything you just need from the smallest ring to the whole sim. Expert scripters, high quality builders and texture designers are the base of our team.

Please visit our website for Landmark to our main facility.