Friday, March 14, 2008

Babbage City wall build

The brand new sim in Babbage was planned to split in two pieces with a whole sim long wall. The building tooks 2 weeks long, including all items and textures. The wall is ready (256m long, 15m wide, 30m high 6 towers and a huge main gateincluded, all this only 423 prims!!! /with all environment, electric generators, barrels, boxes, etc. still under 800).

The Wall and pillars texturised with unique, shadow baked/imitated textures. There are a lot of sculpt parts in the building, but used only ca. 20-25 maps for quick download. The deffense wall has some towers, and a small tunell inside, there is possible to walk all way long inside the thick wall.

The mechanical soldiers are based on the ~JD~ MTF Automaton, but have 50% changed parts: Chest, lower arms, lower legs and hat, this reducing prims, and makes easier script them to move. A deffense gun was added to the soldier, and the prim count, including the toy-soldier and his gun is exaclty 25.

There is a fine thunder particle in the tesla guns, and in the electric generators. The texture was made by me, but the particle itself was made with the help of my favourite particle generator. (Zeta's particle generator, its pretty cheap -well, at least not 3000 L$- and has excellent extras (zeta ball) and a super tutorial video on youtube.)

If you would like to see it inworld, check it here.
(more pictures here)

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