Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chateau d' Arusu

Miss Arusu asked me to build some nice building. Something, like the Taj Mahal in RL, but not the same. She gave me 5000 prims limit to the building and the basic furniture. As i started the construction, she asked me one little thing: a sculpture of an angel... like a little putto with horn.

I used for the whole structure around 2000 prims, including the really prim-eater stairways on the front and the rear side. I used also a prim fences, normal prims for the base levels on the 100x100m footprint and a detailed roof decoration. There were used only 64x64 pixel sculptmaps, and 512x512, 256x256 textures for the optimal load of the huge building.

The construction is really.. big. The footprint is ratherly imposant with the 10000qm, the lobby hight is 20m, just exactly like the first floor, where a small exchibition hall located. (small... 60x60x20m) In the attic located the bar with dance places and a soft steampunk-pseudo planetarium with animated copper balls, gears and mechanism.

I also added some physical elevators -Arusu asked for them- in the side towers and from the first floor to the second one. I hope lot of people will have fun in this nice building, and have a good business in the mall area.
Thanks for the great idea, and the correct cooperation to Arusu Apfelbaum, chiko Reina, bark Aabye and Shoji Kumaki.

More pictures HERE.