Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And many more creations since the Taj project

Yes, the Taj project is done. Built both sims, the touring Zeppeli, the rawboat, and many more little features in the beautiful land, owned by Arusu Apfelbaum. The sims were in the Secondlife Showcase, and has excellent traffic and sales, nice and quality events not only for indian and japanese nations : ) It was also in the hall of fame of on the Koinup photo site, and posted on several SL blogs and news. I am really happy:)

I constructed the flying garden for the White Taj meanwhile, and made several custom works as well.
We produced a little bit less items in the few months as we used to do, and the reason: we learned a lot of new tricks, how can make things more effective and beautiful in Second Life. I worked on a new pipeline for texture baked sculpts into SL. Most exporters make really noisy sculpts, some of them make a never-load feeling. You can stay and see the abstract triangles for hours... I really dont like it.

Finally -and accidentally like one of those things- i realised a new 
way to create some detailed-cutted sculpts, while the shape keeps its smooth lookout even from more distance. (if you set the object details to maximum, the sculpt will not "crash 
and messy" even if you zoom far out) And i can create it relative fast.

I never experimenting without completion of products. New steampunk things realised from the mouse emitter mousehole, across some clothes and goggles to the newest odd buildings. Check my shop, you will see what i mean:) I could create much more things, but learning and experimenting takes a lot of time, just like my RealLife.. or first life.. in summertime.

New ships are under construction, some new "shooting game" and much more items in my pocket in beta version. I hope you will check in my store frequently, or join in Second Life the ~JD~ Mechanical Toy Factory group for infos and updates.