Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Taj project expansion

A few weeks after finished the Withe palace, Arusu IM-ed me. She asked me a favour, to place the whole palace into a brand new sim, she just bought. And asked me something more: continue the building with a black palace in another sim, she will buy soon, and attach to the White one. She asked me for sketches in 2D and in 3D as well.

I made a requested plans, and pre-renders and she let me do, what i just imagined about. She asked me only few things, more inspirations than regulations: must be different of the White palace as in structure as in color, atmosphere and spirit.

They needed some modifications and minor changes during the work, but everithing was smooth and fine. I planned the textures, sculptmaps and the megaprims optimised, and the result is fast load with maximum details. (the loading time will slightly increase in the future, after the shops realising with a lot of vendor-advertisment around)

They ordered from us a touring Zeppelin and rowboats as well, to increase the spectacles of the Taj-sims. Mandy scripted, and I built them as usually. You can try the result soon, and we hope you will like it!

Most of the rental shops are reserved, even before the opening of the sim! (it was the same at the OZ sim, which I built last year)

Finally I place a detail picture of the Lion fountain of the sim, just reveal some realisation of my visions:) ( the photo was made in SL without any Photoshop modification)

Please visit the Taj-world after firsd week of March, and try the Zeppelin tour, rowing the boat or play with Mandy's mouce race.

Oh... and if you have a sim, and some idea, and like what you see in Taj, you can hire us any time to realise your dreams in SL!