Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In early months of 2012 we experienced a lot with SL meshes. We focused on prim and LI costs as well, as the most optimised but still fine detailed, unique textures and low memory usage, complex scripts. Its really hard to make a low render cost models, while keeping them good looking and realistic, even with mesh poligon technology. Most creators don't care about render cost and download amount of the items, probably they even don't know anything about it. Or maybe they just dont pay any attention to it, while customers don't know anything about it yet... Well, we do, even it needs way more workaround.

The first two finalised results are two ships. The first one is the Coal steamer. Its noisy, big, dirty and ruined as a workship should be. However, you can stil find fine details around, like the switches and ornaments at the edges, the gauges and the tables and chairs. It has many sitplaces, and ideal for a steampunk roleplay, travelling around the seas and rivers of Second life grid.

It has several driving and camera switch features, a working headlight and a manual copper bell. If you travel in fog, its really helpful to avoid accidents. There are in the pack an owner only and a group use version.

If you need more info about the ship, or more pictures, you can find it here.

The other ship, is a two seated aristocratic steam motor boat, a little water cruiser. Looks more fancy, has more detailed ornaments, and way less used as the workship above. And about half size, and half prim cost as well.

Old red wood body still shiny, but you can see already some scratches around. Gold ornaments at the edges makes the look more royal. The once magnificent seat cover is now faded a bit, but it's still comfy, and elegant even after so many years since it's made.

Gauges and levers all over on the dashboard, all creaky, but still working well. Let you choose two different driving characteristic and different camera views. The smoke blows out from the chimney as you start the engine by sitting in to drive, and some hidden automatic light helps your navigation, when the sun goes down.

Once you start and accelerate, the wheels start to rotate, and the water mists out from the bottom of the ship. The journey starts, and if you are tired to drive more, you can let drive your friend, by clicking on the wood main frame, and add his/her name to the driver's list.

Hope you like this little fancy one too, if you need more details, you can find it here.