Thursday, September 5, 2013

The WaterMill Home

The WaterMill Home in Forgotten city

After a long year I finally decided to make something nice, something big and something useful building for Second Life residents. I love the buildings with a little extra function, like lighthouses, windmills, factories and watermills. Since there was none of the last in my building list, i just made one.

The entrance

The main concept was something German style, a lot of rocks and wood, mixed with a bit Mediterranean taste, like the sunroofs and the large terasses.

Smaller terasse

Since the brand new style is not my favorite, i prefer some old, used and even maybe a bit abandoned harmony of something, something that was famous and brilliant in it's golden age. I used some materials for the building - the new improvement in Second Life - where it was really necessary. See the windows in the sunset, or the sparkling edge-stones, or the waterwheel as it's rotating forever.

The WaterMill Home

The colors of the building are less saturated, mostly earth colors. Wood, stone, canvas, and green grass make the harmony of the area. The three floors of the building are different as well. The machinery room is a bit more gray and dirty, the living room area is nice and white, with a bit more saturated wood floors and a nicely detailed wood ceiling, and the top floor is just a pure wood. The glass room - or greenroom - is certainly made of glass with a nice hand-painted pillars.

The firts floor

The top floor

The machinery room

I love basements. Specially the wine cellars, I love as the darkness and the dull light fighting in every corner, every brick for the conquest of the illumination. I wanted to express this, but at the moment, SL materials and lights are unable to reflect it right, so i decided to bake the materials in outer render. I think it works.

First room of the wine cellar

The inner room of the wine cellar

I hope, I could make something really Second Life style creation again. All the textures are optimized for the best visual quality and the lowest possible downloading size. All the mesh LOD parts made mostly manually, keep the building together even in a larger distance. The building is a single object, no need rezbox to set it up. Just put it on the floor, position it, and all done, ready to use. And yes, even the door systems and the rotating waterwheel. All in one, all for the customers, as usually. ;)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In early months of 2012 we experienced a lot with SL meshes. We focused on prim and LI costs as well, as the most optimised but still fine detailed, unique textures and low memory usage, complex scripts. Its really hard to make a low render cost models, while keeping them good looking and realistic, even with mesh poligon technology. Most creators don't care about render cost and download amount of the items, probably they even don't know anything about it. Or maybe they just dont pay any attention to it, while customers don't know anything about it yet... Well, we do, even it needs way more workaround.

The first two finalised results are two ships. The first one is the Coal steamer. Its noisy, big, dirty and ruined as a workship should be. However, you can stil find fine details around, like the switches and ornaments at the edges, the gauges and the tables and chairs. It has many sitplaces, and ideal for a steampunk roleplay, travelling around the seas and rivers of Second life grid.

It has several driving and camera switch features, a working headlight and a manual copper bell. If you travel in fog, its really helpful to avoid accidents. There are in the pack an owner only and a group use version.

If you need more info about the ship, or more pictures, you can find it here.

The other ship, is a two seated aristocratic steam motor boat, a little water cruiser. Looks more fancy, has more detailed ornaments, and way less used as the workship above. And about half size, and half prim cost as well.

Old red wood body still shiny, but you can see already some scratches around. Gold ornaments at the edges makes the look more royal. The once magnificent seat cover is now faded a bit, but it's still comfy, and elegant even after so many years since it's made.

Gauges and levers all over on the dashboard, all creaky, but still working well. Let you choose two different driving characteristic and different camera views. The smoke blows out from the chimney as you start the engine by sitting in to drive, and some hidden automatic light helps your navigation, when the sun goes down.

Once you start and accelerate, the wheels start to rotate, and the water mists out from the bottom of the ship. The journey starts, and if you are tired to drive more, you can let drive your friend, by clicking on the wood main frame, and add his/her name to the driver's list.

Hope you like this little fancy one too, if you need more details, you can find it here.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Forgotten City Winter Park

Our explorers  found some new clues few weeks ago in the hills next to the Forgotten Islands. The once magnificent representative city was even larger as we thought!

The buildings are still under construction, they are hardly damaged over time, however the main mechanics of the Ski-Jump area and the Dance Hall already renewed by our main engineers.

It seems, we are ready to open the area soon. The visitors may now use the ski track, and several automatons already working pretty nicely. Unfortunatly several ones ... not really nicely yet.

There is a steam engined mechanic ski lift as well, however, it works a bit slow and unbalanced, if the automatons refusing the duty of repairing it. In this case, we suggest to use the Human cannons for the fast teleport up to the top of the hill, otherwise you must walk a lot.

The ski jump area is as close to the real ski jump, as possible. Works with the SL physics engine, and the speed of the ski at the jump is about the same as the real one, like the track and jump distances as well.

Its a bit random tho... and great fun even if you break the record, and even if you crash in the fresh soft snow! After the jumps, have a nice food at the Sausage stand.

Happy skiing!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Forgotten City

We started it in december and after a long work, finally finished - even if my works always changing a bit. The Forgotten City seems to be done.

Our first owned and made sim in Second Life. We made a full city, used the whole inches of the basic sim area, and it's even bigger! We expanded with off-sim hills and scenes - like the wrecked ship and several offsim towers - and the result is a huge area, seems like 4 whole sime connected together.

After two weeks of the official opening day, we are in the Second Life Showcase under the "strange" places category. We celebrated it with a Showcase Ball, even if we had no time to prepare it propertly. We opened also a rental area, where our houses, palaces and manors are available to rent. We match our prices to the common SL rental fees, but our limits are way more flexible. You can have more prims if you want, you can rezz anywhere on the sim, etc.

You can live here, and have fun with your friends, we open for you the whole sim area to use the Rowboats, the Slidechair, the Shooting Gallery and later you will be able to use the Steampunk space station as well, where you can hunt down enemy aliens with a real Steampunk Tesla gun. If you want to have a party, we can share the whole sim stream with you, you can even use for this our representative buildings as well.

You can see in the harbor area the incoming boats and ships, the harbor worker automatons opening and closing the bridges to make a free path for them. If you see a strange Cat look like ship, feel free to catch all the imported fishes before the harbor kitties eating them. If the night coming, the sim will not turn into dark: the rest of the freaky automatons still working, lighting up the streeslamps, and as the morning comes, they even turning them off.

Soon you will able to use these ships to reach far islands around the main city - (probably in the high sim level until we have a new residental sim area). You can play soon even more minigames, we are planning some rat-hunt and more challenging funs, like the car or truck races, where you can even win extra rental days as well.

Check in, maybe worth it to spend few hours around! Feel free to see the museum area, where you can see some important pictures from the past of the Forgotten City. Some lythographies and early paintings, memories of the visits of Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon, Queen Victoria, and many others.

If you getting tired, visit the Bar, where you can ask some drink from the bartender automaton, play a poker with your friends - free minigame as well - dance with the dancing automatons and even see some famous paintings were made by great masters like Millet, Manet, Courbet, and more.

Friday, September 10, 2010

New creations after a long summer break

This summer break took maybe a bit too long, but finally here are our newest creations, and more coming soon! We prepared for the mesh building technology, and spared time for the new optimized creations, but unfortunately Second Life mesh import is not released yet.

So what is new? An arch. It's not a simple one, it's a free adaptation of the huge shopping hall in Milan. It's a bit more prims as usually, but the details are superb. The size, 30x10x30m looks huge when you walking around with your avatar, you can fly up in the small rooms upstairs, and watching around the landscape. It's recommended any themed sim, either ancient or new one.

the Arch of Victory

and the details

Two other buildings are released as well: the Ceremony Hall and the Office tower. 

The Ceremony Hall is a multipurpose building, perfect for exhibitions, gallery, museum, game halls, casino. If you choose the copy/mod version, you can even multiple it, and with a little building skill you are able to make a large quality rooms, or change the textures and create an ancient like bath, club or party hall.

entrance of the ceremony hall

back-face of the building

enterier at day...

and at night.

The Office tower coming in two editions: three and five floors version. Both available - as the Ceremony hall - in three permissions pack: -copy, -mod, -copy/mod. You can choose the perfect one for your own needs, and if you choose the copy/mod, you can change any textures, carpets, floors, and even put more floors between the base and the top level. Street lamps with scripted light and glow effect are in the pack, and for the office a stone bench comes as extra.

the entrance with the stone bench

top floor enterier

office floor enterier (two offices per floors)

lobby as the base floor

the entrance from another angle

All of my creations available at the main shop on SOL Solution Island in the factory. Use the teleport board at the landing point, click on the Houses sign. The office building is set up in the sim below, just click a vendor, you receive the info NC, click on the TP and viola, you can see it. Also available on the XstreetSL site.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The mistery of Copperium and other new items

I am really sorry about the lazy blog posting, but not much time for that, since the inworld creations take all my time. Please come to our main place in Second Life, you can find more new items around the main factory, and on the land below as well. Just few examples:

- The house Copperium:

50 prim steampunk building, includes the holder, fences and even the stairs. Really fast loading time and only 3700 at rendering cost.

More pictures on XStreetSL here.

- The Duty cars collection:

Police and Ambulance cars are ready, used the popular main Platonic idea-shape of common cars from the years 1910-1930. After the personal and the sport version roadster we decided to make these cars and trucks to bring more life in your themed world and rpg. The fire-truck version is still under construction, it will come with a mini-game, where you must extinguish the random fire with some really fun tools. Until it will be done, there are the ready ones:

More pictures on XStreetSL here.

More pictures on XStreetSL here.

-  ~JD~ MTF physical (!) swing on a Tree

You must try it... nothing to say about, the physical feature makes it real, not like the scripted set-pose dashed movements. It is next to the shooting gallery, just sit on, and use the arrow keys to swing! and not only forward and back, even to the sides!

You will find it on XStreetSL here.

- The steampunk Hot air Balloon

Are you bored of SL balloons can be driven like a spaceship? Need more real behaviors? Our balloon works with SL-winds! You must use the wind to move the balloon around, we made it as real as possible. You must change the hight of the flight, the movement direction can be changed only this way. And certainly we put in a little cheat as well, an auto-pilot, if you would like just look around from the sky, and don't take any attention to the drive.

More on XStreetSL here.

Finally some steampunk and cyberpunk mix will coming soon, a real size shooting game on alien Space Station, fight game with Tesla-guns against fearful monsters, even with more players! ... coming in this weekend!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Baba Yaga hut and the old Hunter's house

Do you know Baba Yaga? no? well... she is like the Blair Witch... or even more fearsome evil misterious witch of south siberia. Baba Yaga lives in the far russian lands, in the Taiga, huge forests and fearsome wild. Baba Yaga lives in a strange hut: it stands on chicken legs. It can walk, turn around, and change it's location, but nobody can see how. It appears one day here... and tomorrow over there.

Our factory offers you this masterpiece of the wonderful legend. The hut fits even the 512qm parcells, it is incredible low (58) prim, includes fireplace with smoking chimney, and the chain-climb animations to reach the ground and floor levels.
Certainly here really can not walk as well, bec. all your extra items would stay where they are rezzed! (the house would move, and all unlinked furnitures would stay up in the sky)
High quality sculpt parts makes the house so real still keep the prim count low!

Maybe you find the chicken legs and the skulls too extreme, you need more moderate style, you will like the old Hunter's house for sure. This is basically the same house, without the skull frieze and the chicken legs. This version has less prims, 49 is pretty fine even for the smallest standard spots in Second Life.

As you see, there are some grass, trees and wood fences for a nice country look. This is not only for the pictures, a common eye-candy trick. You can buy the basic elements, and create the garden around the houses. Really low prim with the highest quality and LOD safe - looks cool even from distance - self-made sculpt parts.

~JD~ MTF old Hunter's garden building set contains:

- Green Grass field (mod/copy) 4 prim
- Green Grass bush (mod/copy) 1 prim
- Canopy Tree (copy) 3 prim
- Curly Tree (copy) 3 prim
- Wood Ladder (copy/mod) 1 prim
- Log Wall (copy/mod) 1 prim
- Wood Fence (copy) 1 prim
- Straw-stack (copy) 5 prim
- Shadow prim 1 prim

If you are ready with your garden and house, you step in the building, the only thing you find inside an old fireplace. If you would like to have more furniture in the same quality, there might be something for you here.

~JD~ MTF Baba Yaga furniture set contains:

- Wood Table (mod/copy) 1 prim
- Baba Yaga throne (copy) 7 prim
- warehouse sitting Corner (copy) 6 prim (includes 2 scripted sitplaces)
- room fence (copy) 5 prim
- copper cauldron (copy) 11 prim
- log chair (copy) 3 prim (male/female sit version)
- animal Skull (copy) 3 prim
- vial (copy/mod) 3 prim
- bottle (copy/mod) 2 prim
- copper lamp (copy) 2 prim
- Shadow prim 1 prim

Tese items are planned for the ~JD~ MTF Baba Yaga hut, to give a full datail and nice quality. The hut and all of these items even fit on a standard 512qm 117 prim plot! 

If you would like to see them in Second Life, please visit our Factory!