Friday, September 10, 2010

New creations after a long summer break

This summer break took maybe a bit too long, but finally here are our newest creations, and more coming soon! We prepared for the mesh building technology, and spared time for the new optimized creations, but unfortunately Second Life mesh import is not released yet.

So what is new? An arch. It's not a simple one, it's a free adaptation of the huge shopping hall in Milan. It's a bit more prims as usually, but the details are superb. The size, 30x10x30m looks huge when you walking around with your avatar, you can fly up in the small rooms upstairs, and watching around the landscape. It's recommended any themed sim, either ancient or new one.

the Arch of Victory

and the details

Two other buildings are released as well: the Ceremony Hall and the Office tower. 

The Ceremony Hall is a multipurpose building, perfect for exhibitions, gallery, museum, game halls, casino. If you choose the copy/mod version, you can even multiple it, and with a little building skill you are able to make a large quality rooms, or change the textures and create an ancient like bath, club or party hall.

entrance of the ceremony hall

back-face of the building

enterier at day...

and at night.

The Office tower coming in two editions: three and five floors version. Both available - as the Ceremony hall - in three permissions pack: -copy, -mod, -copy/mod. You can choose the perfect one for your own needs, and if you choose the copy/mod, you can change any textures, carpets, floors, and even put more floors between the base and the top level. Street lamps with scripted light and glow effect are in the pack, and for the office a stone bench comes as extra.

the entrance with the stone bench

top floor enterier

office floor enterier (two offices per floors)

lobby as the base floor

the entrance from another angle

All of my creations available at the main shop on SOL Solution Island in the factory. Use the teleport board at the landing point, click on the Houses sign. The office building is set up in the sim below, just click a vendor, you receive the info NC, click on the TP and viola, you can see it. Also available on the XstreetSL site.