Friday, May 21, 2010

The mistery of Copperium and other new items

I am really sorry about the lazy blog posting, but not much time for that, since the inworld creations take all my time. Please come to our main place in Second Life, you can find more new items around the main factory, and on the land below as well. Just few examples:

- The house Copperium:

50 prim steampunk building, includes the holder, fences and even the stairs. Really fast loading time and only 3700 at rendering cost.

More pictures on XStreetSL here.

- The Duty cars collection:

Police and Ambulance cars are ready, used the popular main Platonic idea-shape of common cars from the years 1910-1930. After the personal and the sport version roadster we decided to make these cars and trucks to bring more life in your themed world and rpg. The fire-truck version is still under construction, it will come with a mini-game, where you must extinguish the random fire with some really fun tools. Until it will be done, there are the ready ones:

More pictures on XStreetSL here.

More pictures on XStreetSL here.

-  ~JD~ MTF physical (!) swing on a Tree

You must try it... nothing to say about, the physical feature makes it real, not like the scripted set-pose dashed movements. It is next to the shooting gallery, just sit on, and use the arrow keys to swing! and not only forward and back, even to the sides!

You will find it on XStreetSL here.

- The steampunk Hot air Balloon

Are you bored of SL balloons can be driven like a spaceship? Need more real behaviors? Our balloon works with SL-winds! You must use the wind to move the balloon around, we made it as real as possible. You must change the hight of the flight, the movement direction can be changed only this way. And certainly we put in a little cheat as well, an auto-pilot, if you would like just look around from the sky, and don't take any attention to the drive.

More on XStreetSL here.

Finally some steampunk and cyberpunk mix will coming soon, a real size shooting game on alien Space Station, fight game with Tesla-guns against fearful monsters, even with more players! ... coming in this weekend!