Wednesday, May 7, 2008

3088 the sim from the future

There is a new project again. This is a bit bigger, as the Babbage wall building, and completly different style. Actually, it's a futuristic utopia, how the world will appearing in the future. There are many common parts of the city: the chinatown, the abandoned old factory, ruined nuclear power station with fighting arena, and in the "good" part of the city library, shops, rentals, police station, spaceship landing station, downtown area, and so on.

Maybe the different is the style they are built. Used a lot of light/shadow effects, neon, glow and particle lighting to make the sim more living. There are the usually fine sculpts with their baked textures, used by many way to make the world a bot more round and organic (and keep the primcount low), not just the usually boxes with 2D flat dimensions.

Spent a lot of time just "walking" in the city, checked all the time during the building the atmosphere of the place. There was an important condition to keep the land as realistic as possible to move around with the avatar. Lot of stairways, ramps and secret paths connect the different locations together.

So, if you are interested, how a Mechanical Toy Factory produce futuristic items (llike the Cyberglass) check the 3088 RPG sim someday, Sahar Irata will be happy for sure, if you will join to her RPG team, if you would like to live there in the "future".