Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Magic Of Oz

The Emerald City

It has been a long month for us and while we are sitting in a tent in the dust filled desert camp preparing for the Burning Life festival I'm taking the chance to grab Jenne's camera, extract the photos that she took and write a nice post about the latest project that she had done for the MOO group.

While I have been preoccupied with the building of the motorcycle track and various minor projects, Jenne has started a project for Malkavyn Eldritch and Candy Cerveau. Their request was the creation of an Oz-themed sim and they thought she would be the best for the work.

The Magic of Oz is a wonderful sim, with 3 major parts: the Witch's castle, the Munchkin village and the Emerald City. Jenne used sculpties that are not just beautiful but also load fast, so if you are in a mood for taking photos the whole area looks superb, but it is NOT lagging like hell. (Or should I mention a few overly hyped sims..?)

As for the business-side: the sim will host events and offer shops for rent, but spots are taken rapidly, so IM Malkavyn Eldritch while you can.|

The Magic of Oz will open 3rd October, but we give you a sneak preview HERE , also we wish Malk and Candy good luck and we hope this place will last for a very very long time.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oldtimer Motorcycle race

All the engines cranked up... the smoke from the exhaust pipes filled the air with the smell of gas, and the nerves lost their patience at once... the race started.

The international race started with a crash in the first corner. SteelCobra Calamari from the United States took the lead ahead of the Russian rider, Roman Brandenburg, as the others lost time somewhere in the first and second turn. Lord Lisle was on the third plac
e with his friend in the sidecar, she helped him to keep an eye on the other riders. At the start the Hungarian rider from Slovakia, Calhoun Hock dropped to the the last place as he crashed into the pit and spent some time recovering.

With a hard work he fought back to the second place behind the Russian rider, as Steel crashed from the first place. Calhoun finally, in the last lap could take the lead and finished just a few second ahead of Roman. On the third place Lord Lisle finished with his passenger.

The race was fun. All the riders wore some strange outfit, to harmonize with the oldtimer bikes, and the atmosphere of the old fashioned track. The track is still in the air at the SOL Solution Island, and feel free to ride our oldtimer motorbike there.

We are planning more races in the future even at different venues. We'll see, maybe more riders... will add more fun! :)