Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Magic Of Oz

The Emerald City

It has been a long month for us and while we are sitting in a tent in the dust filled desert camp preparing for the Burning Life festival I'm taking the chance to grab Jenne's camera, extract the photos that she took and write a nice post about the latest project that she had done for the MOO group.

While I have been preoccupied with the building of the motorcycle track and various minor projects, Jenne has started a project for Malkavyn Eldritch and Candy Cerveau. Their request was the creation of an Oz-themed sim and they thought she would be the best for the work.

The Magic of Oz is a wonderful sim, with 3 major parts: the Witch's castle, the Munchkin village and the Emerald City. Jenne used sculpties that are not just beautiful but also load fast, so if you are in a mood for taking photos the whole area looks superb, but it is NOT lagging like hell. (Or should I mention a few overly hyped sims..?)

As for the business-side: the sim will host events and offer shops for rent, but spots are taken rapidly, so IM Malkavyn Eldritch while you can.|

The Magic of Oz will open 3rd October, but we give you a sneak preview HERE , also we wish Malk and Candy good luck and we hope this place will last for a very very long time.


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