Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New releases in July

The most important new vehicle is our first aeroplane, actually a SeaPlane. The hard prim limitaion for vehicles inspires the creators cheat a bit: use a simple frame vehicle with scripts and the driver must wear a hundreds-of-prims attachment as extra. It looks pretty fancy, but there are a lot of disadvantages. If you already have one, you might know:) We never make this kind of things. We keep the prim limits, and use sculpts for details, and offer you a wehicle without any difficult tricks or cheats complicated over with laggy scripts.
In our Seaplane - like usually in all of our vehicles - you can drive, and take 3 of your friend with yourself for a wonderful flight wit
hout any trick or treat: just jump in and fly with the 27 prim physical vehi
cle. The attributes are close to RL flight, and the speed is set for SL sizes. The
sims are pretty small, and we lowered the cruise speeds as much as possible. You can drive it with- or without the fancy HUD, that shows flying informations in realtime, you can handle most important things from there, but the most important function: it detects the ba
nlines if you fly over mainland, avoids you from those ugly crashes.


New building is a pretty big Windmill. If you are familiar with ourLighhouse,
this one seems about double sized, however in footprint is only 10-10m bigger. The whole atmosphere is a bit brighter, and more complex in the room arrangement. Fits perfect almost into any enviroment, except the hi-tech or space designs. Can be used for small home, shop, hideout or even skybox, just use your imagination.

The 20x40 meter footprint - about 40 m high- and the 117 prims fits perfectly on 1024qm plot, or bigger. The building contains basic scripts, so it's a bit more than a normal prefab: the door is lockable and contains access list, the sculpt curtains change their size on touch, the ladder is scripted with a climb up/down animation and certainly the fan is controllable with a large lever down in the basement at the stones. All machinery scripted, rotating and make some noise under the pressure of wind.
Alhough the primcount for that house is pretty low, the details are really high, thanks to the detailed, optimised and shadow-imitated textures, and the LOD safe high quality sculpt parts. Let me explain that a bit.
(if you are familiar with sculpts, please jump over the next lines)

SL sculpts are based on textures, that contains coordinates of the shape. All textures in SL are pretty huge, -except the good sculptmap, that contains 1024 points. SL has a feature, that helps your PC easier show the world, it reduces the quality of the texture from distance. Unfortunatly it will reduce the sculptmap as well, and the sculpt will loose the shape. You can set these settings in the Preferences, but most of the sculpts even then losing their shape. The secret is simple and not a secret at all: how can you make a LOD safe sculpt? Put more points in the corners. It is pretty tricky, and can not be made in all editors. But fortunatly, we can:)

If you would like to see the building, you will find it at our main shop on SOL Solution Island. It is available in 2 versions: first comes in easy rez-box, and it's copiable, the second one is delivered without the rez-box, and it is moddable, but no copy.