Monday, December 19, 2011

Forgotten City Winter Park

Our explorers  found some new clues few weeks ago in the hills next to the Forgotten Islands. The once magnificent representative city was even larger as we thought!

The buildings are still under construction, they are hardly damaged over time, however the main mechanics of the Ski-Jump area and the Dance Hall already renewed by our main engineers.

It seems, we are ready to open the area soon. The visitors may now use the ski track, and several automatons already working pretty nicely. Unfortunatly several ones ... not really nicely yet.

There is a steam engined mechanic ski lift as well, however, it works a bit slow and unbalanced, if the automatons refusing the duty of repairing it. In this case, we suggest to use the Human cannons for the fast teleport up to the top of the hill, otherwise you must walk a lot.

The ski jump area is as close to the real ski jump, as possible. Works with the SL physics engine, and the speed of the ski at the jump is about the same as the real one, like the track and jump distances as well.

Its a bit random tho... and great fun even if you break the record, and even if you crash in the fresh soft snow! After the jumps, have a nice food at the Sausage stand.

Happy skiing!

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