Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Forgotten City

We started it in december and after a long work, finally finished - even if my works always changing a bit. The Forgotten City seems to be done.

Our first owned and made sim in Second Life. We made a full city, used the whole inches of the basic sim area, and it's even bigger! We expanded with off-sim hills and scenes - like the wrecked ship and several offsim towers - and the result is a huge area, seems like 4 whole sime connected together.

After two weeks of the official opening day, we are in the Second Life Showcase under the "strange" places category. We celebrated it with a Showcase Ball, even if we had no time to prepare it propertly. We opened also a rental area, where our houses, palaces and manors are available to rent. We match our prices to the common SL rental fees, but our limits are way more flexible. You can have more prims if you want, you can rezz anywhere on the sim, etc.

You can live here, and have fun with your friends, we open for you the whole sim area to use the Rowboats, the Slidechair, the Shooting Gallery and later you will be able to use the Steampunk space station as well, where you can hunt down enemy aliens with a real Steampunk Tesla gun. If you want to have a party, we can share the whole sim stream with you, you can even use for this our representative buildings as well.

You can see in the harbor area the incoming boats and ships, the harbor worker automatons opening and closing the bridges to make a free path for them. If you see a strange Cat look like ship, feel free to catch all the imported fishes before the harbor kitties eating them. If the night coming, the sim will not turn into dark: the rest of the freaky automatons still working, lighting up the streeslamps, and as the morning comes, they even turning them off.

Soon you will able to use these ships to reach far islands around the main city - (probably in the high sim level until we have a new residental sim area). You can play soon even more minigames, we are planning some rat-hunt and more challenging funs, like the car or truck races, where you can even win extra rental days as well.

Check in, maybe worth it to spend few hours around! Feel free to see the museum area, where you can see some important pictures from the past of the Forgotten City. Some lythographies and early paintings, memories of the visits of Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon, Queen Victoria, and many others.

If you getting tired, visit the Bar, where you can ask some drink from the bartender automaton, play a poker with your friends - free minigame as well - dance with the dancing automatons and even see some famous paintings were made by great masters like Millet, Manet, Courbet, and more.


Shoji Kimura said...

Congrats, Jenne! I'll go have a look :)

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

It is a beautiful place! Well done!

Corcosman said...

I have seen mention of Forgotten City for weeks. Now it becomes a 'must see'.

Juan said...

Jenne Dibou, I like so much your stuff in SL! Forgotten City: one of my favorite places there. Also some avatars that I have and like so much: Evil Clown & Automaton


Anna Lorentzson said...

I enjoyed my trip to the forgotten city so much that i had to write something nice about it in my blog.

Very nice work.

Phuong thuy trang said...

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