Friday, January 8, 2010

Baba Yaga hut and the old Hunter's house

Do you know Baba Yaga? no? well... she is like the Blair Witch... or even more fearsome evil misterious witch of south siberia. Baba Yaga lives in the far russian lands, in the Taiga, huge forests and fearsome wild. Baba Yaga lives in a strange hut: it stands on chicken legs. It can walk, turn around, and change it's location, but nobody can see how. It appears one day here... and tomorrow over there.

Our factory offers you this masterpiece of the wonderful legend. The hut fits even the 512qm parcells, it is incredible low (58) prim, includes fireplace with smoking chimney, and the chain-climb animations to reach the ground and floor levels.
Certainly here really can not walk as well, bec. all your extra items would stay where they are rezzed! (the house would move, and all unlinked furnitures would stay up in the sky)
High quality sculpt parts makes the house so real still keep the prim count low!

Maybe you find the chicken legs and the skulls too extreme, you need more moderate style, you will like the old Hunter's house for sure. This is basically the same house, without the skull frieze and the chicken legs. This version has less prims, 49 is pretty fine even for the smallest standard spots in Second Life.

As you see, there are some grass, trees and wood fences for a nice country look. This is not only for the pictures, a common eye-candy trick. You can buy the basic elements, and create the garden around the houses. Really low prim with the highest quality and LOD safe - looks cool even from distance - self-made sculpt parts.

~JD~ MTF old Hunter's garden building set contains:

- Green Grass field (mod/copy) 4 prim
- Green Grass bush (mod/copy) 1 prim
- Canopy Tree (copy) 3 prim
- Curly Tree (copy) 3 prim
- Wood Ladder (copy/mod) 1 prim
- Log Wall (copy/mod) 1 prim
- Wood Fence (copy) 1 prim
- Straw-stack (copy) 5 prim
- Shadow prim 1 prim

If you are ready with your garden and house, you step in the building, the only thing you find inside an old fireplace. If you would like to have more furniture in the same quality, there might be something for you here.

~JD~ MTF Baba Yaga furniture set contains:

- Wood Table (mod/copy) 1 prim
- Baba Yaga throne (copy) 7 prim
- warehouse sitting Corner (copy) 6 prim (includes 2 scripted sitplaces)
- room fence (copy) 5 prim
- copper cauldron (copy) 11 prim
- log chair (copy) 3 prim (male/female sit version)
- animal Skull (copy) 3 prim
- vial (copy/mod) 3 prim
- bottle (copy/mod) 2 prim
- copper lamp (copy) 2 prim
- Shadow prim 1 prim

Tese items are planned for the ~JD~ MTF Baba Yaga hut, to give a full datail and nice quality. The hut and all of these items even fit on a standard 512qm 117 prim plot! 

If you would like to see them in Second Life, please visit our Factory!

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