Thursday, September 5, 2013

The WaterMill Home

The WaterMill Home in Forgotten city

After a long year I finally decided to make something nice, something big and something useful building for Second Life residents. I love the buildings with a little extra function, like lighthouses, windmills, factories and watermills. Since there was none of the last in my building list, i just made one.

The entrance

The main concept was something German style, a lot of rocks and wood, mixed with a bit Mediterranean taste, like the sunroofs and the large terasses.

Smaller terasse

Since the brand new style is not my favorite, i prefer some old, used and even maybe a bit abandoned harmony of something, something that was famous and brilliant in it's golden age. I used some materials for the building - the new improvement in Second Life - where it was really necessary. See the windows in the sunset, or the sparkling edge-stones, or the waterwheel as it's rotating forever.

The WaterMill Home

The colors of the building are less saturated, mostly earth colors. Wood, stone, canvas, and green grass make the harmony of the area. The three floors of the building are different as well. The machinery room is a bit more gray and dirty, the living room area is nice and white, with a bit more saturated wood floors and a nicely detailed wood ceiling, and the top floor is just a pure wood. The glass room - or greenroom - is certainly made of glass with a nice hand-painted pillars.

The firts floor

The top floor

The machinery room

I love basements. Specially the wine cellars, I love as the darkness and the dull light fighting in every corner, every brick for the conquest of the illumination. I wanted to express this, but at the moment, SL materials and lights are unable to reflect it right, so i decided to bake the materials in outer render. I think it works.

First room of the wine cellar

The inner room of the wine cellar

I hope, I could make something really Second Life style creation again. All the textures are optimized for the best visual quality and the lowest possible downloading size. All the mesh LOD parts made mostly manually, keep the building together even in a larger distance. The building is a single object, no need rezbox to set it up. Just put it on the floor, position it, and all done, ready to use. And yes, even the door systems and the rotating waterwheel. All in one, all for the customers, as usually. ;)


Anonymous said...

Will we be able to get the machinery in the future?

Anonymous said...

I love your work, you make dreams come true. Thank you for what you do.

Taras Balderdash said...

I got one of your buildings in an alt, but the others I am holding off on for purchase or recommending to the sims I work with because they are out of the norms of permissions. There is no reason to make something with no no sale. Sorry. Particularly egregious is making a no copy item that uses a rezzer. That is just crazy.