Friday, March 7, 2008

Shooting Gallery from the early last Century

This is the new shoothing game from ~JD~ MTF. It's simple (shoot with click, and hit the targets), beautiful (we used authentic images, made them a bit rough to show the ravages of time on them), and funny (at least most of the users told me this).

The unique high quality flintlock gun - made of fine sculpts and textures - is the only weapon that can affect the targets, please do not try any nuke, napalm or handgranade. As it's toy, so it shoots a cork bullet with a moderate push (ineffective against avatars).

The game has a high score table that has the current best shooters list with points. However, this board gives the rules and a free Flintlock gun for the players (click on it!), and it holds the prizes. Yes, prizes can be win in the game! At least, if the owner of the Gallery fills it up. (At ~JD~ MTF you can win several valuable prizes from the ~JD~ collection)

What more to say? Come, and try it here! Or see some photos from the game here. (You can see how Mandy shoots. *Giggles*)

If you are a shop owner and want to keep people at your shop to increase your traffic, buy the Shooting Gallery, it's more funny and effective than Lucky Chairs or any other camping systems for bots. You can buy it inworld at my shop here, or on SLExchange.

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