Saturday, February 2, 2008

Once upon a time in Erehwon

The first whole sim project was to build the Syberia game tribute world in Erehwon. A huge railway station, factory and music hall were the base of the architectures. Numerous small shop and relaxation places were built too.

Unfortunatly the management was collapsed after divorce of the owners, and the sim was sold. The new owner changed the sim to flat desert combat area. All builidings were removed.

Fortunatly, the ~JD~ MTF main shop is now up to the sky, on much more beautiful and wonderful place in SOL Solution island. The Railway station will be located in the future on the new rental Sim of Steeltopia, and the huge Factory is free for lease. (For more info about leasing, visit the main shop in SOL.)

Info about buildings:

5000qm (40m high) 1500prim the Old Factory,
3000qm 1000prim the Railway station,
2000qm 450 prim the Music hall and
the ~JD~ MTF main building 1500qm, 380 prim.

See the buildings on the pictures in the gallery.

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